How to use

Basic operation

The first time you launch the app, you'll see a pop-up asking for permission for your camera and microphone.
Please allow the camera and microphone.
You can video chat with the communication partner using the copied URL without creating an account.
Before starting a video chat, share the start time and screen orientation (horizontal or portrait) using tools such as SNS and email.
You can check the latest information by tapping the i icon displayed at the top of the screen.

If the camera and microphone are not allowed, you will not be able to connect by tapping the connect icon.
In this case, allow the camera and microphone for the app from the settings of the iPhone itself.
When it's time to start a video chat, tap the connect icon to get the screen ready to start the connection.
Before tapping the start icon, set the screen orientation (portrait or landscape) that was decided in advance with the communication partner.
If the screen orientations of both screens are different, the live video after connection will not be displayed correctly.
The screen example is for video chat in portrait orientation.
The connection for video chat is completed when both parties tap the start button.
At this time, you can check the live videos of both on the screen.
At the connection stage, the live video of the communication partner and yourself is displayed on the screen in a superimposed state without being transparent.

The microphone can be turned on and off by tapping the microphone icon.
Tap the x button to display only live videos. Then, tap the screen to return the screen to the previous state.
Tap the return button displayed in the upper left of the screen to display a pop-up instructing you to terminate the connection.
You can terminate the connection by tapping the OK button.

Operation of online lesson

The live video of the communication partner is displayed on the entire screen, and your live video is displayed in the small frame at the bottom right of the screen.
If both live images are displayed, the video chat connection is normal.
If you tap your own live video or tap your icon at the top of the screen, your live video will be the operation target.
By operating the flip icon displayed at the bottom of the screen, your live video will be flipped horizontally.
You can match the dominant hand of the instructor and the student on the live video.
The same operation can be performed for the live video of the communication partner.
You can long-tap and drag your own live video to place it in any position, or you can pinch out or pinch in to freely adjust the size.

You can adjust the transparency by tapping your live video or tapping your icon at the top of the screen and then operating the transparency slider.
If you want a third party to shoot your own footage, you can also tap the front / back icon to switch from the front camera to the rear camera.
To adjust the transparency of the communication partner's live video, tap the live video or tap the communication partner's icon at the top of the screen (bring to front), and then operate the transparency slider.
The live video of the communication partner is also flipped horizontally with the flip icon.
Even if you select the live video of the communication partner, you can display it on the front by operating the front icon.
In order to manually superimpose both live videos, it is necessary to repeat such operations.

Tap the icon (both) for which you want to operate both live videos.
If you tap the icon that superimposes both live videos, both live videos will be superimposed with the transparency automatically adjusted.
At that time, the sizes of both live videos will overlap to fill the entire screen.
Also, by tapping the undo icon, the screen will return to the state before both live videos were superimposed. With just a tap like this, you can start your online lesson right away.

A case to display your own live image with the rear camera

You can switch between the front camera and the rear camera by operating the Front / back icon.
If you prepare a monitor in front of you and connect the smart device to the monitor, you can shoot yourself from the back and check your movements from the back through the monitor.

Account generation procedure

Display the front page for launching the app.
Tap the account button, enter the required information for your account, and tap the create account button.
If you approve the verification email after creating an account, your account registration will be completed.
If you tap the login button as it is, this application will be logged in.
Account registration is complete when the screen that displays the URL generation icon after tapping the login icon appears.

Connection by account holder

Account registrants can generate different URLs for each communication partner and video chat as many times as they like. The account registrant's communication partner can only connect with the account registrant using the URL received from the account registrant. Each communication partner can video chat using the URL received from an account registrant regardless of whether or not the account is registered.

An icon for generating a video chat URL will be displayed on the home screen of the registered user.
When the URL generation icon on the home screen is tapped, the screen for preparing the URL for video chat is displayed.
Enter a title in the title field and tap the save icon to generate a new URL.
The new URL will be linked to the title and saved as connection information.

Tap the connection icon to display the screen to start a video chat.
The connection procedure is as described in the basic explanation.
The video chat history is displayed as a list of saved connection information on the home screen.
The connection information (URL) on the list can be reused as many times as you like.