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BLINGR Sports Transformation - Technique for your sports

The BLINGR Sports app is an online lesson and self-training tool that can be applied to any sport such as dance, tennis, karate, golf and baseball.
We hope that BLINGR Sports app will change the sports skills you want to improve for the better.
We hope that online lessons using the BLINGR Sports app will be as close as possible to face-to-face lessons in the field and will be high quality lessons.

About BLINGR ONline app

This is an application for smart devices. Currently, we are releasing iOS version (iPhone, iPad).
The June 2021 update added new video and text chat features suitable for online sports lessons.
These features are still trial versions and are free to use. In particular, the video chat function realizes a new teaching style in which live videos of the instructor and students are superimposed.
Regarding the trial version, as a prerequisite, the instructor and the student must be in contact with each other, the instructor must register as an instructor (with instructor's examination) after registering the account, and the student must complete the user registration as a student after registering the account. (See how to use).
This app is very useful for analyzing the difference between the model in the video and your own body movements, and for getting the hang of imitating the model body movements.
As the first step, we are giving away a free tennis model video (synchronized adjusted).
We would like to thank Ehara, Sawada, and Tamura for their cooperation.
As a new function, we have prepared a video file sharing function.
You can share videos saved in My Folder and video files saved in the state with the multi-video function among users using forwarding tools such as LINE, WhatsApp, email, and AirDrop.
You can share video files for free for 2 weeks, so please complete the subscription procedure once. If you want to cancel your paid renewal, please unsubscribe before the two weeks have passed.
To share video files, the sender needs to subscribe, but the receiver does not need to subscribe (free of charge).
Furthermore, as a new function, it has become possible to record external audio in layers when recording on the screen. In this case as well, you will need to subscribe once, but you can try it for free for 2 weeks.
Please try once with the sharing function.

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Features of the BLINGR Online app

What are the required functions for online lessons for sports?

The video chat function enables remote communication between instructor and student in different locations on the same screen.
In existing video chat tools, if the instructor can observe the video of the student and the student can observe the video of the instructor, the role of the video is sufficient.
As long as the instructor and the student can observe each other, the number of words will inevitably increase and the instruction will be biased toward classroom instruction.
In order to solve the above problems, the BLINGR Sports app superimposes the video of the instructor and the video of the student, making it easy to trace the movement between the two.
In addition, this app provides videos that allow you to intuitively recognize points and movements of body parts without relying on verbal explanations.
This sample video is an example of an online tennis lesson. In the lessons, you can also use tools to improve the quality of instruction and give it variations.
Please challenge the possibility of online lessons.


NEWBLINGR Online app (iOS version) has been released in Japan and other regions.