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Disopa、Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") is a site, service, mobile application, product, and content related to "BLINGR Online" of the Bringa series. We take the information we collect when we use our services (called services) seriously and make every effort to ensure the security of our privacy. This privacy policy describes how and why we collect, store, use, share and protect information obtained from individuals who access our Services and register to use our Services as users. This policy also describes the actions you can take if you are concerned about privacy practices. Based on these principles, we promise to collect and process the information of our customers who use this service.

Make your information as transparent as possible, including how it is used and where it is shared. We keep your information as safe and secure as possible by implementing security measures in line with industry standards. We will ask for your consent if there is new personal information to collect / share.

By using this service, you agree to be able to collect and process information about you for the following purposes: Under no circumstances will our products and services access your information without your consent.

Definition of personal information

We use personal information in connection with information about living individuals (name, date of birth, and other information that can identify a specific individual) as stipulated in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. We recognize that it is information such as e-mail address, user ID, password, credit card, etc., the responsibility integrated with personal information, family structure, age and attribute information about the individual.

Cookie / IP address information

Cookies and IP address information are not considered to be personal information because they cannot identify a specific individual by themselves. However, if this information and personal information are used together, the combined information will be regarded as personal information. It is possible to refuse cookie information by setting your browser, but you may not be able to receive some or all of the services. In that case, we will announce that fact.

Data to collect

This service collects specific personal information about you and information related to your experience with our products and services. Such information is as follows:

・Data such as events and moment records in the event book

・Timestamp and duration of the event

・Account information (email address, etc.)

・Device information (model name, OS type / version, MAC address)

・Device runtime statistics (connection status, etc.)

・ IP address

・Links between accounts under the service

・Function usage statistics (start / end time, frequency, region) Payment-related information (service type, subscription plan, renewal and cancellation information)

・Please note that more personal payment information, such as name, billing address and payment card details, will be collected and stored by a third party payment processor on our behalf.

・Data such as questions, replies, comments posted on forums and social media platforms

Data collected automatically

Advertising partners may automatically collect information through the Services in order to display and manage advertisements through the Services. For example, service usage patterns can be an important reference for proposing interest-based advertising. This type of information is processed in a non-identifiable way.

This site uses the access analysis tool "Google Analytics" by Google. This Google Analytics uses cookies to collect data. This data is collected anonymously and is not personally identifiable.

This function can refuse collection by disabling cookies, so please check the settings of your browser. For more information about these Terms, please see the Google Analytics Services Terms of Service page and the Google Policy and Terms page.

About the collected information

The information collected by this service will be processed in an unidentifiable format for data used for research and analysis purposes. That is, the information is processed anonymously and is not associated with the user. You can also use machine learning algorithms to provide users with personalized services.

In the following situations, we may access your information in a personally identifiable manner:

(1)When a technical problem occurs and you request to deal with such a problem.

(2)When investigating the possibility of violating the Terms of Service.

(3)When it is necessary to meet applicable laws, regulations, legal procedures, or legally enforceable government requirements. If any of the above cases contain your personal information, we will always seek your consent before taking any further action.

It may process information on platforms provided by third-party service providers. These service providers are shared with your personal information for the purpose of servicing us, but sharing for other purposes is restricted.

We take the security of our data very seriously and secure the information we collect from our customers in accordance with industry standards. Personal information is encrypted when it is sent to the server to prevent unauthorized third parties and threats from accessing your data.

Safety management of personal information and supervision of employees

We will establish personal information protection rules and provide necessary and appropriate supervision to employees so that leakage, loss or damage of personal information can be prevented and other personal information can be safely managed.

Outsourced supervision

When we outsource all or part of the handling of personal information, we will conclude a contract including confidentiality with the outsourcer, or supervise necessary and appropriate so that the outsourcee can manage the security of personal information. I will do it.

Business transfer

We may disclose personal data to the organizations in which we have control only if it is reasonably necessary for the purposes and legal basis set forth in this policy. We will notify you if we are involved in a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, reorganization or sale of assets.

Restrictions on third-party provision

We will not provide personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the user, except in the following cases.

1.When required by law.

2.When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.

3.When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual.

4.When it is necessary for a national institution or a local public body or a person entrusted with it to cooperate in carrying out the affairs stipulated by laws and regulations, and the affairs are carried out with the consent of the person. When there is a risk of interfering with.

5.When the following matters have been announced or announced in advance.

(1)The purpose of use includes provision to a third party

(2) Items of data provided to a third party

(3)Means or method of provision to a third party

(4)Stop providing personal information to third parties at the request of customers

However, the following cases do not correspond to the third parties specified above.

6.When we outsource all or part of the handling of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

7.When personal information is provided due to business succession due to merger or other reasons

8.When personal information is used jointly with a specific person, the fact, the items of personal information used jointly, the range of people who jointly use it, and the use of those who use it. When the person is notified in advance of the purpose and the name or name of the person responsible for the management of the personal information, or the person is in a state where he / she can easily know it.

Publication of matters related to personal information, etc.

We will keep the following matters related to personal information in a state that the user can know, and will reply without delay at the request of the user.

1.Purpose of use of personal information (however, except for those that are not obliged by the law on protection of personal information. If you decide not to reply, you will be notified to that effect without delay. To do.)

2.Contact point for inquiries regarding personal information

Disclosure of personal information

When requested by a user to disclose personal information, we will disclose it to the user without delay. However, if the disclosure falls under any of the following, we may not disclose all or part of it, and if we decide not to disclose it, we will notify you to that effect without delay.

1.When there is a risk of harming the life, body, property or other rights and interests of the user or a third party

2.When there is a risk of significant hindrance to the proper implementation of our business

3.In case of violating other laws and regulations In principle, we will not disclose information other than personal information such as access logs.

Correction of personal information, etc.

If the person requests correction, addition or deletion (hereinafter referred to as "correction, etc.") of the content because the personal information is not true, we will take special procedures according to the provisions of other laws and regulations. Unless otherwise specified, we will conduct necessary investigations without delay within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, correct the contents of personal information based on the results, and notify the person to that effect. I will.

Suspension of use of personal information, etc.

We will suspend the use of personal information from users because it is handled beyond the scope of the purpose of use announced in advance, or because it was obtained by deception or other improper means. Or, if you are requested to delete (hereinafter referred to as "suspension of use, etc."), we will conduct the necessary investigation without delay, and based on the result, we will suspend the use of personal information, etc. and notify the person to that effect. I will. However, if there is a large amount of cost for suspending the use of personal information, or if it is difficult to suspend the use of personal information, and if necessary alternative measures can be taken to protect the rights and interests of the individual. Takes this alternative.

Privacy policy changes

The terms of the privacy policy may be changed at any time. Keep a history of all changes. If the changes are significant, we will notify the user before the changes take effect. If you use the service after its effective date, you agree to the new terms. For users who have registered personal information, if you do not agree to the change, you will need to delete your account. If you do not delete it, your use of the service and content will be subject to the new terms.

Management and deletion of personal information

If you have an account for this service, you can access, change, export, or delete your personal information in the settings. If you delete your account, you will no longer be able to restore your information and content.

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